BCW Group has solutions for all of your healthcare facility infection control needs. BCW provides tools for staff training and state-of-the-art facility management software.

Protect your medical facility from harmful growth of mold, mildew, fungi, algae, and bacteria which cause staining, odor, and discoloration. 

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are a costly and unwanted problem for health care facilities today. According to the CDC, approximately 1 out of every 20 hospitalized patients will contract an HAI. HAIs are also a public health issue; adding approximately $30 billion to U.S. health costs each year. As a result, the prevention and reduction of HAIs is a top priority for not only health care providers, but for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as well.

It is scientifically proven that rigorous and regular environmental cleaning, as part of an environmental infection control program, is associated with major decreases in HAIs.